Quote - 'Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls' - Joseph Campbell

#MidWeekMotivation: Let’s Look at a #Quote! – Follow Your Bliss #MPLiving

We all need a little motivation or inspiration sometimes, and what better time than the middle of the week. So…

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This week I’ve been working on trying to stay in a positive mindset, and to do that I’ve been throwing myself into doing what I love, and that’s what this week’s quote is all about:

Quote - 'Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls' - Joseph Campbell
‘Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls’ – Joseph Campbell

This is always placed as an inspirational quote and I do understand it even if it is sometimes hard to believe.  Following your bliss is all about doing what you love, at least that’s the way I’ve always seen this quote.  When you hate the work that you do we rarely get anywhere with it.  We rarely move forward in our work life, get promoted, and become the people we want to be.  Instead we just do what we can and often only work to make a living.  But when work becomes something you love…when you end up following you bliss – the very things you enjoy and love in life – there are opportunities open that you may never have thought possible.

Sometimes we like to believe in this quote, we like to believe that simply doing what we love will open doors, but when life doesn’t turn out the way we planned, or we don’t get an opportunity to make money out of what we love, then we start disbelieving this idea.  But don’t get discouraged.  Because life is funny (and often weird) and when you start to enjoy something it becomes easy.  Maybe it’s not work we can change, maybe we have to start with a hobby.  But if we do what we love, whether for money or pleasure, it becomes something we just love so much that it never seems hard to do.  Sometimes it’s our negative thinking, or our worries that hold us back, that stop opportunities from happening, but doing what we love is so easy and sometimes when the time is right, doing what we love, can lead us into opportunities, ones we would never think possible.

Imagine being an amateur photographer, and just enjoying the freedom of making your own little art work through the photos you take.  Every day you enjoy taking lots of pictures, watching the world.  Then you decide to share some of these photographs with people, either online or just in person.  What if one day someone wants to buy a photograph you’ve taken, what if one day a photograph becomes so popular and shared that people around the world will be talking about it, and then you’re given an amazing chance to do what you love professionally…The same idea can be put to so many different passions, writing, singing, making jokes, they can all be things we love doing, but can also lead to amazing opportunities, if the moment is right.

Sometimes such a simple act, of doing what you love, can lead to great things.  And that’s what this quote is all about.  We all want opportunities to follow our dreams, to be the people we really want to be.  As long as you follow your bliss then the universe really does listen, and open the doors of opportunity to us.  We may think our love of a certain hobby will take us nowhere, that there are no chances for us to become who we want to be, to do what we truly love…but walls are not always as they appear and the universe has an amazing way of creating doors – opportunities – where there seemed to be none before.

It’s not an easy idea to grasp, not if you feel negative about the way life is for you right now, but it’s something that many people will agree is true.  And I do too.  And besides, no matter what you believe, following your bliss is a wonderful feeling.  It’s something all of us will want to do…So why not go and do it!

Have you had a wonderful opportunity come to you while doing what you love?  Do you believe ‘following your bliss’ creates doors in walls?  Let me know any thoughts you have I’d love to hear from you 🙂 

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