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Why Chronic Illness Can Affect Blogging and What to Do About It? #Health #MentalHealth #Blogging #MPLiving

Many people struggle to do things on a daily basis.  Sometimes they struggle to keep up to a schedule or find they’ve taken on too much.  But what if you suffer from a chronic illness?  Things which people may find difficult, someone with a chronic illness may find impossible to do…and blogging is one of them.  But what can be done if you suffer from such a problem, and what can you do if you don’t?

Chronic illness affects a large number of people in the world and takes on many forms.  Every person with a form of chronic illness will have a different story to tell you and their illness affects them in different ways.  For me having type one diabetes (the rarer form) affects me on a daily basis, from the struggles of counting up carbohydrates in every meal I eat, doing mathematical sums to work out what doses of medication to take, to the difficulties when things don’t go according to plan, it all leads to regular headaches, fatigue and even depression.

Trying to live a ‘normal life’ like everyone else feels impossible so many times and it hasn’t helped when friends, doctors and even television programs keep pointing out that diabetics can live a completely normal life.  Daily life sometimes goes well for me but at other times it goes painfully wrong and when my diabetes is all messed up I suffer from some very bad symptoms.

High blood sugars as well as regular lows make me feel like I’ve run a marathon and been beaten up sometimes before I’ve even finished breakfast.  The fatigue which comes from bad days with the condition make it hard to do anything.  On top of that headaches, which just ruin everybody’s ability clearly to think and depression which arises from the sadness of not being able to sort out the diabetes (and a general low mood from having everything messed up) makes it hard for me to do anything on some days.

Chronic illness can affect blogging

Today I planned on writing a blog post about colouring, then one on the keto diet, or another on something else.  I’d tried writing days earlier but found it hard because of a bad bout of high blood sugars.  I had so many ideas in my head so I looked forward to it.  But come this afternoon (my normal time for writing) and I sat in front of the screen completely blank.  Right now I am typing this while feeling so tired I feel like I’ll fall asleep, except I tried to do that and have insomnia (another one of my issues lately).

The effects of chronic illness can affect your blogging life, as it sometimes does for me.  While I’m having a bad patch, it doesn’t always happen, but when it does it can make you feel miserable and you end up feeling like a failure as you see all these other bloggers out there clearly able to keep up pace with their blogs.

What can you do if you suffer from chronic illness?

If you are a blogger and your chronic illness affects your blogging there are things you can do to make it easier for yourself, especially if you’re unable to write a blog post:

1. The most important thing is to forgive yourself for not being able to cope.  Everyone has times when they can’t blog.  Even if it affects you frequently, don’t be hard on yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Looking after yourself is the most important thing.

2. Write when you are able and not just at your normal blogging time.  When you are able to write do it.  If you are someone who currently writes blog posts on the day they go out, then re-think when you write.  If you have the energy and want to write a blog post at another time, do it, and follow the next step which many newer bloggers don’t know about…

3. Schedule blog posts!  The reason all those bloggers you see end up blogging regularly is because most of them (probably all of them) schedule their posts.  Scheduling means your blog posts will go up at a time when you want them to (even if you’re asleep then!).  The wonderful thing about scheduling is when you start to get into the habit of writing several blog posts you can then schedule them for the future so you’ll look like you’re posting and writing frequently, even if you’re not 🙂

4…If you’ve run out of things to post and really can’t handle writing a blog post don’t.  Don’t even apologise for it.  If you don’t want to disappoint people following your blog then just tell them you’re not able to blog at the moment and need some time to rest.  I’ve never come across a blog where people haven’t been supportive of someone who needs some time away.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, be it a few days, weeks or even months.

If you don’t suffer from chronic illness know/follow the blog of someone who does…

Everyone is different.  Some people like to share their illnesses publically, others don’t.  But for those who have someone close to them who is suffering then just be there and be supportive.  Even if that means just understanding that they can’t do something.

If you follow the blog of someone who is suffering, then be understanding if they take a break from blogging.  Think how you would feel in that same situation, unable to keep blogging.  Sometimes the best thing that anyone without an illness can do is to be understanding.  It doesn’t take much effort but it means a lot.

These days it means a lot to me if people take the time to comment on a blog post, especially if I’m struggling in life.  Sometimes a bit of understanding goes far in making me feel better.  It doesn’t mean I need people to comment, no comment is better than a harsh one, but to know that people still will want to read my blog when I come back after a break means a lot.

When I was at school I struggled with the same fatigue issues.  I had to take time off school when my illness got severe for a while.  When I came back the teacher wasn’t pleased to see me and instead of encouraging me to catch up with my work (which would have lifted up my mood and made me feel like dong it), she chose to tell me that I shouldn’t have been off from school because there was “nothing really wrong with me”.  Those words struck me like a knife at the time, I didn’t exactly have a great time at school but those words made me give up on ever trying hard…That’s a story I can elaborate more on in the future, but the point is that rather than making me feel good the lack of understanding made me feel terrible and contributed to my early depression as a teenager.

Chronic illness and blogging

It doesn’t have to affect your life.  Sometimes chronic illness is there, sometimes you barely notice it.  Sometimes it spends days or weeks away and we feel great and ‘normal’ (what ever that is!) and other times we can feel terrible.  But whether you suffer from a chronic illness or not, we all have good and bad days blogging and the tips above, I hope, will help everyone to relax and enjoy blogging, because it is supposed to be fun after all 🙂

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Do you suffer from a chronic illness, if so how does it affect you?  If you don’t, do you know of someone who suffers, how would you react?  Do the above tips help you as a blogger?  Pleas let me know any thoughts you have I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Hello from me. You know about my blog that, “I am writing to motivate and encourage others, that they too can overcome depression, (or keep it under control), enough to lead a normal life. In my case I only write when I get that need to write!
    If I try to write by force, I can become drowsy because of stress. Stress I can say play a very big part in mental issues. So some times I only write just 1 article for a month and some times it can be once a week, And some times it can be a whole month goes and I do not write a single post!
    This is the same thing what my psychiatrist has told me, “Not to stress even to write on the blog, but to wait until, when I really get that feeling I need and want to”!
    Yes, as you say, I write to give out information as well to relax too, as journaling is the best way to put our thoughts in order.
    I am sorry that you are having hard days sometimes. We all have hard days, be it whether we have an illness or not, and also, “There is no one who does not have a problem in their lives” saying that doesn’t put things right, but makes us feel that we all are in it together!
    In my case I do not have diabetes but I have had family members around me who had and has. From what I know, it can be controlled by a good diet and medication? Forgive me is I am wrong. Have you seen, “Anthony Williams” Face Book page ~ https://www.facebook.com/medicalmedium/
    Thank you for your article and tips. If I may say what I feel ~ please do not stress as stress is the worst thing for any ailment. Unless it is a very important issue, take is easy and relax. This is what I do as much as possible. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Sending Many Blessings of Love, Light and Healing Energies your way ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your lovely comment and support ❤ I agree, there are times that we just can't write and we shouldn't force it. I've especially had to take heed of this message in the last few days. There's a bit of a heatwave in the UK for the last 2-3 weeks, it's abnormally high heat for this place and it's left feeling worse than usual. I've not been able to write anything and am only sharing blog posts on my other blog which I'd pre-written a long time ago. It's probably good advice to not force writing anyway as it wouldn't sound right and it's probably best to wait until I feel better. Thank you for the advice. 🙂 The type of diabetes I have is type 1, I was diagnosed as a child and the diabetes comes on aggressively and you need to inject insulin straight away. The most common type of diabetes, the one which can be controlled through diet alone is type 2. Although my form of diabetes can be controlled I've struggled for a long time to control it. I'm seeing a doctor to help with it but it's something I've had problems with for a while and I think my own stress has a lot to do with my control and possibly I'm on the wrong insulin which is very likely. The good thing is that I know it can be fixed because I did start to get a lot better, it's just the last few years I went through a few traumas and I had to begin re-building myself which has been a long process but I am getting better. Hopefully I'll have better control soon, and thank you so much for your support, ❤ ❤ 🙂

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